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Chris Carducci:


April 11, 2007

Just thinking about you tonight. I picked up my phone to call you on break. It didn't register until I saw your number was no longer in my phone list. Crazy.

John Huckle

April 10, 2007

Hey there Buddy, I just wrote to say hello, and that I miss you, and I think of you and the guys everyday. I gotta tell you as the 20th approaches its getting really tough. I remember like it was yesterday, the 18th of april we talked about going golfing that Friday, but then the 20th happened, and I still can't believe any of this has happened. I just want you to know that when I am up there in heaven someday with you, we will have to make up for the game that we missed. Miss you a lot buddy. Take care

Noah Campbell

March 12, 2007

Love you brother.....


February 16, 2007

Chris, I have not yet written anything on a page, simply because then it is real. Then I must really understand not just in my head, but in my heart that you are no longer here. I have to tell you, that over the last ten months, I have met so many people who absolutely adored you and thought of you such a wonderful man. We have swapped favorite stories and laughed and shed some tears! You certainly are missed. I frequently think of you as one of my very dear friends has started calling me "Mugg" (as you know, pronounced [mud:d funnyz]). The only one who ever called me that was you! At first I was very thrown off and slightly upset, but he's a good friend, likes to give me a hard time, and has one of the best hearts--all things you were, so I think of this as a term of endearment that you shared with him to give me some comfort. I frequently think of random things that I was able to share with you...tutoring you so you could try to pass Theory, singing my first Dorabella with you, Men's Chorus parties and Euchre, you singing tags at Dan's apt until the cops many things. But I have to tell you I have a recital coming up, and honestly, I wish that you were around so I could call and ask advice, to listen and watch you, as you were the best interpreter of song I've ever seen. I miss your musicianship and passion for music, I miss your friendship, your silliness, your ease of life, and how great of a person you were, I will forever carry the things that you shared with me in my heart, and I will never be able to step on a stage again and not think of you and Robert. You both will forever be in my heart and in my song!

Ed Chytil

January 31, 2007

Chris - I was a student of your dad's when he was an instructor in the business dept. at MHS. I also helped out with some yard work when they lived behind the high school. I live in Dallas now, and during my visits back to Monore, I often wanted to stop byand visit, but never did for some unexplained reason. Does he still have the antique Ford?

I never met you, and I'm sorry I didn't. I'm sorry that you didn't get to realize your dreams and I sjare your family's grief/


January 14, 2007

Chris, I was in your choral conducting class, and am honored to have worked under your baton. I never got to know you personally other than in class and to listen your beautiful voice in performances and masterclasses, but I alsways admired your hard work and determination in everything you did. I pray for your family and friends during this first rough year without you.

Cyndi Parker

January 5, 2007

Hey Cousin Christy, I think of you often and pray for your family. This holiday season has to be hard for them as I can understand. Say hi to your second cousin Michael and first cousin Joe, they loved music too.
your cousin, Cyndi

Katie Leemhuis

January 2, 2007

My Guglielmo,
I want to wish you a wonderful holiday season, and sincerely hope you and Robert and partying it up in Heaven. (PS. We're gonna have words about you hating OSU when I get up there someday...) Also wanted to let you know I'm doing another "Cosi" this summer. I can't believe it's so soon! I figured I'd have at least 5 more years. It just won't EVER be the same without you and I bet you my butt will be crying every time we start a section of the piece... Anyway, I think about you all the time, and how ridiculously unfair last April was to you. It's amazing though how many people you touched -- HUNDREDS!!! Constant messages, blogs, conversations continue about you. You are truly missed and every person you knew was and is blessed forever. Happy New Year, my friend. Love you lots.

Marcy Richardson

December 12, 2006

I had to write because I'm sitting here having another one of my occasional weepy nervous breakdowns thinking about how I will never see you or Robert again. just wanted you to know that I think and talk about you guys almost every day to anyone who will listen. I wish I could call you to catch you up on everything instead of lying on my futon looking up at the ceiling in hopes that you can hear me as my makeup gets ruined by tears. Every time I hear applause I always wish you guys were up there on stage with me so you could hear it too. I miss you so much. guess I'm gonna have to wash my face and reapply. I've found the waterproof mascara helps. cheers.


November 21, 2006


Well, it is officially the begining of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is only a day away. It is hard to believe that come Christmas time it will have been a year since I saw you. My heart is still heavy with grief over loosing you. It is hard to even imagine this is true.
Looking at your pix in the upper right corner of this page makes me think that somewhere, somehow, you are standing on a beautiful shore like this entising others with your beautiful carisma and voice.
Your mom and dad are coming on Thur. I am excited to see them, but am sad that things just won't be the same. Ugh, I am nauseaus just sitting here writing this. I don't know why I am writing this. I guess I hope you will know how very much I miss you. talk soon.
love, susan

Deine Pam

November 16, 2006

Don't know why I'm posting - jut thinking of you. I still can't believe this happened... There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you and what happened. I get pissed when anyone else sings Papageno or Guglielmo... they're yours and will be for a long time. I'm glad that I have so many memories with you, but even happier when I remember one that I had forgotten about. Thanks for always jumping in the back of pictures I was taking. I will never forget our friendship, your voice, and the memories I have of you.

Erin Frolli

August 25, 2006

Hay cuz i miss you so much and i want you to know that we all have you in our hearts and we love you!!!!!!!!! lising to your music makes me happy i saw the fam and we had fun but they are taking it varry hard and we just hope that you are looking done on us to give us strangth I Love you so much Erin

Sarah Hetchler

August 20, 2006

WOW, I was just told last night of Chris' passing. I was saddened and very surprised. it seems he went on to do great things w/his life. I enjoyed listeneing to is performances. Sarah, 1996 MHS graduate

Matthew Leese

August 11, 2006

I was always impressed at how well you imitated my accent when you hollered at me around school...
Chris Carducci. I was looking forward so much to booking tickets to your Chicago Lyric debut, or something just as glam. I still don't know if I accept it.
I have never been so jealous of another baritone's instrument...I don't even like baritones! But yours was an instrument and musical understanding of complete sophistication. The Italian masters would be proud; a pure and beautiful range of emotions and every colour of the rainbow at your fingertips. Singing next to you was a wonderful experience, and brought me close to tears many times in New Art Voices. There has never been a better baritone section in Martin's mass, thanks to you. I will always hear your brilliant tone in my head as a prime example when I am practising my 'messa di voce' excercises...we miss you, mate.

Jason Cash

August 8, 2006

Jason (Budd), I never thought about the fact that the Tigers are doing so well this year and that he was such a big fan. I am going to be rooting for them the rest of the year now (especially since my Indians have thrown in the towel). :) And speaking of Fantasy Football and the draft that is upon us...
Hey Chris, "Mark Rypien had a year like that once."
Miss you friend.

Kristen Bennett

July 19, 2006

Not a day goes by that I don't think of Chris and what he meant to me. I dream of him often. Last night, I dreamed that he called me to tell me to meet him out on the town in Bloomington with some of our friends. It was nice to hear his voice if only in my sleep. L0ve and peace to his family and friends.

Jason Budd

July 4, 2006

I'm so glad that the guestbook has been turned on again. I had an entry on here originally, but Chris quickly deleted it since it of course had something to do with my Steelers trampling over the Lions. :)
What a great article by the Monroe Evening News.
The reality of everything is still sinking in and probably will remain that way for awhile. I think of Chris every time the Tigers win and am convinced he has something to do with their miracle turnaround. I know the next few months are going to be rough for me, I mean who am I gonna call to get help for my fantasy football team and who is going to call me in December and repeat the phrase "I ____ing HATE Ohio State!" thirty times in five minutes?
Does Sprint work in Heaven??

chad Hughes

June 24, 2006

I was a friend of Chris's at BGSU!
We miss you Chris.

Terri Frolli

January 7, 2006

Hey Chris. Your mom and dad told me you had a new website...this is great. Congratulations on graduation and the award you received. How neat. Hope you can join us in June for Erin's graduation...but will you already be in Colorado? Where in CO are you going....Love Terri


January 4, 2006

Wow, you've really been working on this website. Two weeks ago it was just your name!

bill and sarah snyder

January 1, 2006

More pictures please! I love your blazer.Also,it was great to see you at new years and we hope you can be at our wedding type thing april 8th 2006. Congrats and good luck , the other snyders.


December 31, 2005

Hi Chris. It was awfully nice of Robert to present you with a website for Christmas. That Pontius Pilate sure is one hell of a guy.
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